Unfortunately, That Excuse Doesn’t Replenish Your Bank Account, Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.

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With Cyber Security Secrets Like These

Tip # 5: If hit with RANSOMWARE that says: “Pay $2,000 or we will delete your files” — DON’T PAY! Do THIS instead to sidestep their evil ways.

Tip # 19: Do you accept credit cards online? If you answered “Yes”, but you neglect this KEY STEP, you may get FINES, FEES and even SUED!

Tip # 28: Why make a hacker’s job EASIER? Do THIS to your usernames — It’s like a wall of steel.

Tip # 15: How you swipe your debit card determines if you are at SERIOUS RISK for theft or completely safe. Protect your accounts with this simple, speedy tip.

Tip # 18: Far too many businesses have firewalls that are USELESS! Yours might be too unless you take the time to do THIS frequently.

Tip # 47: Have a remote login when working on the road? YOU may unknowingly be inviting a VIRUS into your office, unless you take this action.

Tip # 10: If you don’t take THIS RARE but IMPORTANT step when you get a brand new PC, it could spell the DEATH of that PC (and your files) in a matter of months!

Tip # 8: Every day people TRY to get on Facebook or Twitter and get more than friend updates — They get dangerous viruses and malware instead! This 6-second action ELIMINATES this common risk.

Tip # 29: What’s worse than getting your laptop stolen? Giving that thief access to ALL of your files. Well, take this simple step to breathe easy about your files.

Tip # 12: Over 7 MILLION Dropbox accounts have been HACKED! Use these rarely used precautions before jumping on ANY file-sharing applications (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)

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Stefan and ACS Were There When We Needed Them Before, During and After

The single biggest benefit to Bluewater Supply since moving to managed antivirus is knowing that our system is protected, and protection is updated on a constant basis. Having the latest version gives us the confidence to let the system work without concerns.

Better than any other IT firm we have worked with is the quick response we receive from ACS. It is one of the best benefits we have. If we call or email with a question, we get a response. If we need hardware set up, their staff is on site.

Don’t be on the fence about choosing Stefan as your IT firm. During hurricane Florence Stefan and his staff were available before, during and after the storm. We had to shut the system down before the storm and then bring it on line while the county was restoring power. This was a difficult time for everyone in the county and Stefan and ACS was there every time we called.

Tripp Nelson Owner
Bluewater Supply
Morehead City NC

Peace Of Mind, Exceptional Service, Readily Available

The single biggest benefit to Primus Contracting since using ACS Computer Services is, I now have Peace of Mind. Better than any IT firm we have used is they make themselves readily available.

If you are on the fence about choosing ACS Computer Services, get off the fence, it’s not a comfortable place to be. ACS provides exceptional service, assists with making sure we are equipped to operate our company efficiently and offers updates to keep us protected from any unwanted cyber-attacks.

David Thompson President
Primus Structures
Newport NC